ALISTON Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale-AL-610

ALISTON Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale-AL-610

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ALISTON Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale-AL-610

Auto Switch Off-ALISTON Weighing Scales automatically get switched off once your activity gets over.It Helps you to save power as well as it is cost efficient for you. Tempered Glass Platform With Large Surface Area-It's added safety to your scales also provide you large surface for easy clean with easy use.

Capacity-Max Capacity- 180kg

Min Capacity- 100g

Other Features-Graduation d=100g

Large lcd display 40x21mm,

Over load indication ,

2xAAA battery power

For 100 % Quality & Satisfaction buy ALISTON brand weighing scales only.

ALISTON Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale-AL-610

Aliston Personal scales is an affordable option if you want to know your weight. Elegant, Modern and Luxury Scale with unique patternsand colours with its sleek and beautiful look is suitable for any bathroom, household or gym. Large, steady and safe platform makes it easier to stand. Auto ON/OFF technology allows longer battery life. With auto zero function, there is no need to tap the scale. Large LCD display makes it easy to read from any distance or angle, even in dark environment when you’re standing on the scales. These scales can measure weights accurately. It runs on battery which is supplied and lasts for months. Replacements are widely available. Aliston ensures 100% customer satisfaction with all purchases made from us, whenever you have any problem with our products, don't hesitate to contact us.