Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier
Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier

Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier

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Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier USES MAGNETIC PATH CONTACT CARTRIDGE DESIGNED FOR BETTER CONTACT WITH IODINE, RESIN AND MAGNETS ENSURING 100% BACTERIA FREE MAGNETIC WATER INSTANTLY. THE IODINE RESIN USED IN IN THE PRODUCT IS A BLEND OF IODINE AND ACTIVATED CARBON. IT DESTROYS THE BACTERIA AND ENHANCES THE MICROBIOLOGICAL POWDER OD IODINE, THUS RESULTING IN RAPID DISINFECTION WHEN COMPARED WITH IODINE ALONE. THE HIGH POWER MAGNET IN THE CARTRIDGE COMES IN CONTACT WITH WATER INSTANTLY, THUS THE WATER WHEN USED IMPROVES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, REDUCES TIREDNESS, INHIBITS CHOLESTEROL DEPOSITION IN BLOOD VESSELS, GIVES RELIEF TO HEART AND INCREASES ITS EFFICIENCY. Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier description: Aqua Gold Magnetic Instant Water Purifier With 2 Extra Candle DAILY USE FOR HOME OFFICE AT WORK Using Aqua Gold 4U regularly improves digestive system, reduces tiredness, inhibits cholesterol deposition in blood vessels, gives relief to heart and increases efficiency Features Uses Magnetic Path Contact Cartridge (MPCC) that ensures 100% bacteria free magnetic water instantly. The iodine resin used in aqua gold is a blend of iodine and activated carbon. It destroys bacteria and enhance the microbiological powder of iodine thus resulting in rapid disinfection when compared to iodine alone. No electricity required. No plumbing required. Maintenance free cartridge. Magnetized water for better health. High purification capacity up to 9000 liters. Comes with two extra candles. Aqua Gold 4U Magnetic Instant Water Purifier Features: NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED. NO PLUMBING REQUIRED. MAINTENANCE FREE MAGNETIC PATH CONTACT CARTRIDGE. MAGNETIZED WATER FOR BETTER HEALTH. HIGH PURIFICATION CAPACITY. INSTANT, ECONOMICAL AND CONVENIENT. THE PACKAGE CONTAINS A WATER PURIFIER, 2 EXTRA FILTER CANDLES WITH INSTRUCTION CARD. If you have any questions about this product Please feel free to call us on our 24x7 customer service line (+91) 814 1234 399.

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