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iPhone5 Screen Guard ( Front And Back)

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iPhone5 Screen Protectors - True Scratch Guard Screen Protector (Front & Back) Best screen Gaurd for iPhone 5 - True Scratch Guard Screen Protector for iphone5 (Front and Back) This Awesome True Screen Guard screen protector is made of 3 Layer Stuctures which gives oawesome high quality protection to your device. Coating Layer Composite Silicone Layer Release Film Layer Product Features Scratch Resistant Coating Distortion Free Transmits Original Colors Optical Clarity Repositionable & Removable Resists mild acid & alkali Installation Instuctions for iPhone 5 Screen Protector: 1. Clean and remove all dust from the screen surface. 2. Slowly lower the protector onto the screen puling away the "remove me" liner ( discard liner after peeling), push out air bubbles with your finger or card. 3. Peel 1 inch of the discardable "remove me" liner and align with top of the screen, take care NOT to touch the adhesive side. Speacial Announcement: 1. All companies & Trade names mentioned are registed trademarks of thier respective owners. 2. The product specification and product images may vary a little from actual product. 3. The available company's screen guard will be shipped based on availability with same quality. If you have any questions about the product please give us a call on our 24 x 7 customer support line +91814123499. We will be happy to assist you with your query.