Luvit Chocorich coffee Eclairs  Rs.2/- each (110Pcs PACK)

Luvit Chocorich coffee Eclairs Rs.2/- each (110Pcs PACK)

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Luvit Chocorich coffee Eclairs (110Pcs PACK)PACK live It own It LuvIt. Indulgence begins with an 'I'. How do you make a rich, delicious chocolate taste even better? Simple, just don't give any of it away! Here is a chocolate that's been specially crafted to celebrate one basic truth- 'we like to keep good things to ourselves.' This soft, melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate is so incredible that the only person who deserves to taste its chocolaty goodness is you! So forget about breaking off a piece, and giving it to someone who is not you, because with LuvIt, you can finally enjoy chocolate the proper way, the way you really want to…. ALONE. But in the off chance you get an irrational urge to give some of your LuvIt away, ask yourself a simple question, “What's in it for you?” Because chocolate this delicious is only given away to get something back! Luvit Chocorich coffee Eclairs 110 PCS PACK Contents: Brand : LUVIT NAME OF PRODUCT : LUVIT Chocorich coffee Eclairs (Rs. 2/- Each) PACK QUANTITY :110 PCS FREE BEES : Extra 10 Units Comes Free in the Jar it Self(free worth Rs.20) NOTE: JOSH MIRA TRADERS OFFERS LUVIT PRODUCT'S FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE IN ANAND & VALLABH VIDYANAGAR, GUJARAT ( FOR FREE DELIVERY IN ANAND SIMPLY ORDER WITH PAY IN STORE/COD PAYMENT METHOD, WE WILL BE COLLECTING THE PAYMENT WHEN DELIVERING TO YOUR ADDRESS. AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY, DELIVERY CHARGES WILL BE WAIVED OFF FOR ANAND AND VALLABH VIDYANAGAR.) If You have any questions about this product please feel Free To Call us on +91 814 1234 399.